• Focus better, have peace of mind, and make better decisions!
  • Increase productivity and performance!
  • Gain better control of your priorities and time!
  • Increase impact without compromising work-life harmony!
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Stop feeling overwhelmed!

Take back control of your time in your leadership role!

As a leader, you are probably juggling multiple demands on your time.

Having to face problems coming at you 24/7, cope with competing priorities, resolve conflicts, navigate change, and even stay ahead of the competition, all make it seem difficult to feel in control.

You are not alone!

Overwhelmed, burnout, lack of work-life harmony. These are critical issues faced by the majority of companies.

Many leaders I talked to, including a number of my clients, felt overwhelmed and struggled with gaining control of their time. They found themselves working long hours, not having sufficient rest, and having difficulties juggling their work and their personal or family lives!

Gallup’s study found that “23% of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44% reported feeling burned out sometimes.”

“Overwhelmed employee” (that includes managers and leaders) is a critical issue that a majority of companies are struggling with, yet most leaders don’t know what to do about it!


You can overcome overwhelm!

During this interactive workshop, you will take the first steps to:

  • Gain better control of your priorities and time,
  • Focus better, have peace of mind, and make better decisions,
  • Increase productivity and performance,
  • Have a more significant impact (at work, in life, etc.) without compromising work-life harmony.


You will learn to:

  • Assess how you spend your time,
  • Set specific goals for the most valuable use of your time,
  • Manage your energy and priorities,
  • Design your day and week,
  • Set boundaries,
  • Build routines, habits, and behaviours that help you focus and gain control of your time.


You will also find out how you may continue to gain results after the workshop, beyond just the initial steps.


Who is this Workshop for?

If you are in a leadership role, whether in business or in a non-profit organisation, and want to overcome the sense of overwhelm you are feeling, or you just want to gain better control of your time and have work-life harmony. This workshop is for you!



Participants must complete several pre-work before the workshop to gain maximum value out of the workshop. Details will be emailed to participants at least two weeks before the workshop.


Host Your Own Workshop

If you’d like to have this workshop for your company, organisation, or even your group of friends, please contact me for details on arranging a workshop at your location.




Upcoming Workshop


Not scheduled.

9:00am – 12:30pm

To be confirmed