How to be a more effective leader?

Leadership is tough. You are expected to be everything for everybody all the time. It’s not fair. And it’s also not going to change.

You, however, can change. You can learn what thousands of other people have learned about leading in new ways. When you learn these ways of thinking, working, and communicating – you will see your work and ministry transformed.

During this short Introduction to Coaching seminar, you will find out how Coaching Skills can revolutionize the way you lead or interact with people.

You might have heard about coaching. You might have thought, “Yeah, no big deal.”

But the fact is, coaching works! Thousands of Christian leaders (pastors, lay leaders, ministry leaders, professionals) have already experienced increased impact in their work and ministry, simply by learning and using coaching skills!

You can too!

Come join us in this free 60-minutes seminar, and find out how Coaching Skills can help you. You will get a sneak peek into our full three-days Coaching Workshop. You will also have a change to get answers about coaching.

Come join us!

    18th July
    7:30 p.m.

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