Just like the Bible says that iron sharpens iron, that’s how a man sharpens another. I wanted to get better results, and I realized that I needed some help. If I have a godly mentor, I will be able to ask questions, seek guidance, and reach better results. I saw in Richard a good opportunity, and was honored that he was willing to be my coach, because of his experience in ministry.

There were some things going on in my ministry that I wasn’t sure how to handle. I shared some of my problems during our coaching sessions and, through Richard’s questions, realised I already have the tools to approach my leaders and share my thoughts. Richard’s questions helped me recognise my own perspective, analyse the situation differently, and figure out ways to approach it respectfully and in a godly manner.

“Apart from my growth in confidence, God has also reminded me that he has given me tools, gifts, and talents.”

Sebastian S.

Ministry Leader,
Costa Rica






Phoebe L.


在我现在的职位中,我需要不断地发展新的领袖;因此我参与教练工作坊,并且邀请Richard 作我的教练。

教练时间有蛮大部分在自我察觉,Richard 透过许多深入但中性的好问题促使我思考自己真正想要的是什么、为什么我要做这或做那个决定。




Ministry Leader

開始接受 Richard 的教練,可以說是踏上一趟既蒙恩又奇妙的旅程。

人很容易侷限於自己的感受,而無法辨識與發現上帝其實已經預備了很多的恩典,等候我們去回應聖靈與發掘可能性。Richard 教練過程中的聆聽與等候,對我是一份厚禮,能夠梳理自己內在的紛亂,並在他不同角度、高度、深度和廣度的提問中,省思自己在神面前的樣式。這個歷程緩和並充滿安全感,容許我真實地面對自我,卻不被論斷與標籤,可以挑戰自己去突破盲點,重拾信心並充滿意願地策劃可行的方案。



Mission Worker

Over the years I have always been passionate about using technology in ministry and leadership development. I had multiple roles, which meant leading two teams at some point. Developing my leadership capacity was a major area that I wanted to grow in because I was spreading myself too thin, finding it hard keeping up with prioritizing, and ministry was not getting easier. It was time to get some help.

Somehow I knew I needed some kind of a mentor/coach to keep me on my toes and help me multiply my ministry impact. In March 2014, while attending a technology conference in Asia I was introduced to Richard, a leadership consultant who offered to be my coach. We built rapport and started coaching meeting via Skype.

“Coaching gave me ownership of my solutions, next action steps and area of focus.”

Moses O.

Regional Technology Leader, CCCWA