About Richard Lim

Leading is Hard!

If you’re like most leaders I know, you are probably already good with planning, strategizing, figuring out where you want to go and how to get there.

Leading well, however, is always a challenge.

I’m not talking about the “I tell you where to go and what to do and you just do it” type of leading. I’m talking about leading that empowers, motivates, builds ownership, develops people so that they will excel, and then they journey with you because they are excited about the cause!

That’s what I am passionate about: to empower and develop leaders to lead well, so that they may then build a high-impact team by empowering and developing their people to fulfil their mission!

My Learning Experience

Years ago, when I started leading teams, I wrestled with the question of how I could lead well. When the team was relatively small, it was fairly simple, “That’s where we’re trying to go, so let’s go!” That’s not saying it was the best or most effective way.

Faced with a Challenge

My first major challenge came when I was leading a large team, of several departments with diverse needs.

The real problem, though, was this team was demoralised! While the team handled all of the larger organisation’s mission-critical support functions, many front-line staff considered those on the team as “second-class people” (sadly, some on the team saw themselves that way too)!

I had to figure out how to lead this team, and I felt ill-equipped for the task. But with hard work, lots of prayers, and learning along the way, we managed to transform the team into a competent, highly motivated, high-impact team. We managed to change front-line staff’s (and our own) perception of the team too!

Succeeded in Transformation

We knew we succeeded when people approached us and asked if they could join the team!

That’s just one of the learning experiences I had. Even in church, I had opportunities to transform ministry teams.

During the past 20 years, I have spent most of my time working with leaders from different cultures, developing them and helping them lead their teams well.

Key to Leading High-Impact Teams

The key, I believe, is to move away from the “telling” way of leading, and be more “coach-like”, so that we can empower and develop our people and motivate them towards living out the mission. In the process, we multiply our impact and yet become less busy, and less likely to experience burn-out!

That’s what I would like to help you accomplish.

More about me…

I have been coaching teams and individuals for more than 15 years, and love the way coaching brings out the potential in people. I believe that God has given each team and person a unique calling, along with gifts and talents that will help them live out that calling. Through coaching, I enjoy coming alongside teams and individuals to draw out what God has put into them, and help them to fully live out that calling.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), and currently working towards my Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. I have previously served in a global not-for-profit organisation, Cru, for almost 30 years and in leadership roles at country, regional, and international levels. During that time I spent most of my time helping teams and individuals be more effective in their ministry.

I am proficient in both English and Chinese and can coach and train in both languages.





我指的不是 “我告诉你该往哪里去、该怎么做,你只照着做就行了!” 那类型的领导方法。我说的领导是那种能够赋能赋权、激励、建立拥有感、培育人让他们能卓越,导致他们对事业感到兴奋,愿意与你一同向前进!



许多年前,当我开始带领团队时,我就已经为 “如何有效领导” 这个问题而伤脑筋。当时团队较小,所以做法也比较简单:“我们就是往那个方向,大家一起前进吧!” 但这并不表示那是最好或最有效的方式。



当时最棘手的问题是这团队士气低落。虽然该团队负责处理整个机构的所有关键性支持功能,许多前线人员却把该团队的人当作是 “次等人员”(遗憾的是,团队中有些人也把自己看为如此)。







我深信,关键在于摆脱 “指令式” 的领导方式,而采用 “教练式” 领导,好让我们能赋予及培育我们的团员,并激励他们实现使命。在这过程中,我们能倍增影响力,但却变得不那么忙碌,也减少倦怠发生的可能性!



我有超过十五年教练个人与团队的经验,而且欣赏“教练”能够帮助人们发掘潜能。我深信上帝对于每个人与团队都有一个独特及整全的呼召,并已赋予他们恩赐与才能来活出那呼召。通过 “教练” 的方式,我能够陪伴并协助个人与团队去发掘上帝已经赋予的,并激励他们充分地活出上帝的呼召。